Judo & Jujistu in Ghana



The website haven't been updated in awhile - I sincerely apologize. I will be adding new contents in the coming days and uploading new videos as well.

The aim of this website is to spread the awareness of the martial art of judo and jujistu in West Africa. To some degree - judo is pretty popular in Ghana where I used to live.

On the other had - jujitsu (Traditional & Brazilian jujitsu) is not popular here; infact, there is only one BJJ dojo in whole of Ghana dedicated to the art. I am not aware of any traditional jujitsu dojo or club in the country.

We want to change that, we want to promote the art of jujitsu and judo in Africa, especially in Ghana. Having practiced jujistu for some years,in different countries, I think (personally), it is a complete martial art - It is practical, effective and deadly.

Most times I find it difficult to define what judo actually is, it is so many things to so many people - to us, it is a sister to jujitsu, a little bit more refined so everyone can practice it especially as a sport. This does not mean judo is not an effective martial art system - it is!

We dedicate ourselves first and foremost  to traditional judo and traditional jujitsu before the sporting aspect of any art. It is sad that people do not know there are kicks and punches in judo. In fact judo has been over simplified!